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Yana Gupta was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) on 23 April 1979 to a Czech father and an Indian mother and began modelling in the mid-1990s. Her career took a turn towards the east when she married Indian artist Satyakam Gupta in Pune and changed her last name from Synkova to Gupta. She divorced Gupta in 2005 In 2008 she altered her given name to Yaana.
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 The bollywood actress Yana Gupta was photographed at a charity event in Mumbai wearing a little black dress without underwear. The photos went online and Gupta is trying to make light of the event.

Yana also laughed off the fashion faux pas rather than being embarrassed. She said that she would be now known as a “no-panty girl” and that she should aspect in underwear brand commercial.
Yana also said that she determined to do away with panties, as it kept getting wedged in her ass while practising dance moves for a television show. Thus, she packed up her things in the morning itself so that she could depart for the charity event directly from the dance floor, as she had no time to go home, reports said.
The actress continues to say that she had no hint that she had been photographed without her underwear. But she is not one to weep over the wardrobe malfunction. Instead, she said that it was the humorous day of her life and caution guys not to look at her pantyless photos less they would facade heart attack.

However, actress Eesha Koppikhar, who present in the event with Gupta, has come to her defence, said that it was an honest mistake and people should let her be. She said that “Why is it being blown out of proportion when there are other issues at hand? The hype is in bad taste; people should not discuss such private details.”

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