Angelina Jolie Isn't Interested in Entering Politics

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie eliminated the countryside to become the first president of the United States of female because it appreciates her freedom too much.

The plans of Jolie is to concentrate on its action and the United Nations function and raise more children, in spite of his true interest for the policy.

Angelina, 32 year old indicate that: "I'm not interested .I feel like you can get so much more done if you stay out of politics.

Jolie added "I've many things to do. So many kids! I'm able to go to Washington and meet with politicians on all different issues and get involved with different things and have the freedom to go around the world and do different things."

Angelina Jolie Don’t Want Kinky Sex Anymore

Angelina Jolie gave up the sex lesbian and crisp after having fallen for Brad Pitt.

Jolie, confesses to have of even-sex and experiences sadomasochistic in the past, left him more wild tendencies in the past since fixing herself with the actor.

Jolie indicated: “I never hid my bisexuality, but since I was with Brad, there are no more one place for that or S+M in my life. ”

Angelina, that the old she-ass models previously gone back Shimizu to Calvin Klein, requires Brad is entirely comfortable with it corrosive past.

The beauty of 32 year old screen - which has three adoptive children, Maddox, Pax and Zahara, and a biological girl, Shiloh, with Brad - complaints to hold it the first role trusts its 100% and is happy for it with socializes with that which that it wants.

Brad Pitt Advised To His Wife Angelina Jolie To Go To Rehab

There was much news about the rock report/ratio of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in date of late - and the last history to occur is that Brad wants that the mother of its children goes to the rehab.

To hold the first role the store reported that Brad is worried by the decreasing figure of Angelina - a direct result of died of his mother.

By defending its dramatic loss of weight, Angelina mention last month. “I've always been lean and this year I lost my mom and I've gone through a lot. I have four kids and I finished breastfeeding – it's been hard to get my nutrition back on track.”

The rehab really would it help it puts it the weight above however? Or Brad fact wants just to close it far thus it still can frolic with his ex Jennifer Aniston.

Perfume Designer Beat Angelina Jolie For 'Shiloh' Name

After five months a legal battle with one of the Hollywood’ most Famous Parents, the originator Symine Salimpour of perfume gained the battle for “Shiloh,” according to the post of Washington.

Salimpour gained the line to employ the name on June 15, when Angelina Jolie, mother of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, dropped its legal challenge to the application from the trade mark from Salimpour on the name. Now Salimpour accommodating for the first forwarding of the new perfume, for Shiloh.

The legal challenge of Pretty was classified it. “I was thus frightened,” Salimpour indicated the post. “I want to say, it it my, which would not be?” She said that she intended to speak about the classification about Pretty by a call of telephone of a friend.

Angelina Jolie's Mission For Cancer Patients

The Actress/humanitarian Angelina Jolie, has lost her mother Marcheline Bertrand with ovarian cancer earlier this year, pawned her time and support at the movement of Fran Drescher's Cancer Schmancer Movement.

Charity tries to ensure cancers of all the women are diagnosed in stage 1, when they are most setting. Fran told ‘Access to Hollywood’ the mother of Angelina has an ovarian cancer and did not gain its battle, thus it will close elbows with key with me and we will make some things together. ” “Detection equalizes survival,” Drescher called in a report/ratio.

“By education, the legislation and the social reform, we will not stop until the landscape even of the conscience of care of health of the women’s of America was replanted.” Fran says that the key to beat the disease is thought positive. It explained: “Not to mix imagination with fear - it is a mortal cocktail.

To carry an elastic band and each time you start to connect the points which are not necessarily there, the rupture that the band of wrist and say, “do not mix imagination with fear.”

Jolie And Pitt - On The Rocks?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are on the edge of fractionation after three years together, of the reports/ratios of word.

The couples had hoped that recent holidays towards France would save their report/ratio, but they supposedly spent their squabbles of time, with Jolie at a point throwing wine glass above its associate.

A source indicated the magazine of Life&Style: “Angelina cursed it and upwards finished throwing wine glass in his face. Brad was absolutely disgusted by his behavior. “Brad had enough to do what Angie wants to do and after it around the sphere” the friendship of the actor of the ocean eleven with his ex Jenifer Aniston and his aversion for the authoritative nature of Pretty are supposedly with the root of their troubles.

A friend says InTouch: “They are not made happy. But they want to put above an exposure of unit for the children. Their novel fell of pieces. They were transformed into two people remaining together for their children. ”

Angelina Jolie's Latest Movie And Stands As A Role Model For Her Kids

Angelina Jolie took its last role of film thus, it could be a hero with her children. The actress of Oscar-winning actress - who has four children, a five-year-old man Maddox, Pax 3 years, Zahara two-year-old man and Shiloh a-year-old man, with in love Brad Pitt - the voice of Tigress in the “Kung Fu Panda”. It said: “I make “Kung Fu Panda”. I will be hero for my children. I am the tiger and Jackie Chan in it, thus I am so cool. “While waiting, Angelina and Brad and three of their children went to roll with the good pal Mariane Pearl and her son Adam. The holidaying currently to France and decided to treat the children and Mariane - who Angelina A recently represents in the film “A Mighty Heart” - at one afternoon in the local center “The De Luxe Hotel” of recreation of family.

However, the day turned almost sour when Brad slipped on one of the lanes and wounded to it his behind. The owner of the center, Patrick Bernard, known as: “The children do not have the force to obtain the ball in bottom of the lane, because it stops sometimes, thus Brad thought that he would descend the lane to push it length. He slipped and fell on his back - hard! “My wife was disappointed when Brad was fine and it missed only its fortuitous in the life to give the resuscitation of kiss of life to Brad Pitt!” Brad and three boys - Maddox, Pax and Adam - also played air-hockey, whereas Angelina and Zahara caused in Mariane. Bernard added: “With only two lanes we are certainly the smallest bowling in France, thus we always have the trouble realizing that we spent Monday afternoon with the most famous couples in the world. “Before leaving, Angelina and Brad personally thanked Bernards - speaking not very French - and the autographs signed for the 15 year old girl of the couple.

Angelina Jolie Ignored Wrap Party

Angelina Jolie was so desperate to obtain far from Prague, where it had drawn its last film, it snubbed are used as team-member of the members while jumping the part of envelope.

The workmen on “Wanted” collected at the restaurant last cry of Soho of the Sunday city harms to celebrate the end of the two month old growth, but Pretty and Co-star James McAvoy were nowhere to be seen. In fact, Jolie was already out of the Czech Republic, having jumped on a flight towards Paris, France as soon as the cameras ceased the bearing. Crewmembers were disappointed the actress jumped the part.

A staff member with the blow indicates, “we hoped to obtain the chance to spend a certain hour with Angelina after hard little month. It is a shame which it was too occupied with the part with us -- but we managed to have the recreation without needing Hollywood holds the first role to amuse us.”