Nazia Iqbal is a popular Pakistani Pashto singer, Nazia Iqbal Wallpapers

Nazia Iqbal is a popular Pakistani Pashto singer. She was born in Swat valley area. She has fan base stretching from NWFP, Pashtun areas of Balochistan, Pakistan to southern parts of Afghanistan, and has achieved much recognition. Nazia sings in several languages: Pashto,Urdu, Punjabi, Persian and English. In 2005 she confirmed her marriage to Javid Feza, an Afghan singer from Ningarhar province of Afghanistan and settled in Dubai.
Her first Urdu album Paigham was released in 2001. Recently her famous Albums in Pashto are: De Okhko Baran and Rasha Rasha. Both of these albums contain renditions of other popular songs of Hindi films as well as Pashto and Persian songs from Afghanistan.

Mena Shams and Nazia Iqbal 

Nazia Iqbal and Husband Javed Fiza 

Javed Fiza and Nazia Iqbal Wedding Photo 

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