Angelina Jolie's Mission For Cancer Patients

The Actress/humanitarian Angelina Jolie, has lost her mother Marcheline Bertrand with ovarian cancer earlier this year, pawned her time and support at the movement of Fran Drescher's Cancer Schmancer Movement.

Charity tries to ensure cancers of all the women are diagnosed in stage 1, when they are most setting. Fran told ‘Access to Hollywood’ the mother of Angelina has an ovarian cancer and did not gain its battle, thus it will close elbows with key with me and we will make some things together. ” “Detection equalizes survival,” Drescher called in a report/ratio.

“By education, the legislation and the social reform, we will not stop until the landscape even of the conscience of care of health of the women’s of America was replanted.” Fran says that the key to beat the disease is thought positive. It explained: “Not to mix imagination with fear - it is a mortal cocktail.

To carry an elastic band and each time you start to connect the points which are not necessarily there, the rupture that the band of wrist and say, “do not mix imagination with fear.”

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