Producer/s: Raju Mavani
 Director: Rajesh Singh
 Cast: Diana Hayden, Shawar Ali, Nisha Harale, and Pravin Sirohi
 Music: Daboo Malik

Ab...Bas! It's been termed a women oriented film, a heroine film and a social thriller. It's also Diana Hayden's first full-fledged Bollywood role. (She made her debut in Khalid Mohammed's Tehzeeb.) And although some feel that it’s just going to be another “skin flick”, those involved say otherwise. 

‘Ab bas’ tells the story of an independent city girl, Somiya, who has a successful modeling career. She believes strongly in the Indian values, which were ingrained in her at an early age. 

Life is good and then gets better when her “Mr. Right” (Shawar Ali, who has been named Mallika Sherawat’s male counterpart) comes along. Somiya is thrilled with taking care of the house and their child. So, they live happily ever after, right? Guess again! Bollywood films are famous for having numerous twists in their plots (unlike Hollywood) and this one is no different.

Mr. Right becomes Mr. Wrong and five years into their blissful marriage, Somiya finds out that her husband is involved in an extra-marital affair with the character played by Nisha Harale. How will she deal with it? Will she just sit back and accept it, as so many women today unfortunately do, or will she regain her independent spirit and teach this man a lesson he will never forget? 

Ms. Hayden was quoted as saying, “the story is an honest reflection of what's happening all around us. Every second married man in our country would like to sleep with another woman. This is not a recent phenomenon. In a male-dominated society like ours, it's the way things have been since ages." 

Only November 26th will reveal what the outcome of this story will be, so if you’re inquiring mind really wants to know, be at your local theater for it’s release.

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