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In India rumor goes that on a dark moonless night, the evil power of tantrum reigns supreme. The film tells the story of one such endless night in the life of four people.A middle-aged childless couple (Victor Bannerjee and Neena Gupta) resides in a bungalow in New Delhi. The couple has two young female paying guests (Konkana Sen Sharma and Tara Sharma), who are medical students studying in Delhi. They treat the girls as their own children.On one moonless night the two roommates are forced to confront the invisible line between reality and rumour. When one of the girls, kills a man in self-defense her roommate helps hide his corpse. But is the dead man really dead, or is he merely a puppet in the hands of a larger supernatural force...The terrible events depicted in the film occur on a nocturnal, moonless sky on an amavas night when the world is shrouded in darkness and mystery. 
Cast: Mahesh Manjrekar, Tara Sharma, Konkana Sensharma, Neena Gupta, Victor Banerjee
Director: Sidharth Srinivasan, Producer: Sujit Kumar Singh, Sheeel Kumar, Cinematography: Ravi Walia, Editing: Kuldeep Mehan, Art Direction: Rohit Ganju, Dilip

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