Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Argue Parenting Travel

Brad Pitt wants to stay put in one place and leave the lifestyle overall jet travel. Angelina Jolie would rather live as a nomad, traveling the world at will. The real question and debate raging supposedly between couples is that they have four children, and they both parents apparently differ on what is best for them according to an insider quoted by Us Weekly magazine publishing printing this week.

Once traditional All-American boy Brad has changed a ton, but it sounds to the report that it may be a bit fed up and tired of the constant movement. He wants to stay put for the most part, she wants to move.

The store insider said that everything is fine with couples but adds as any passionate couples, they had their struggles. The most significant is that "Brad is not moving children around the world every hour, and Angelina can not yet rest," said Angelina Jolie pal. According to insiders, Pitt was not easy. "Angelina Jolie is very stubborn," says her friend.

The store still claims that his costar Mr. And Ms. Smith is no easy way out. In fact, it is a land force for the former wild child Angelina Jolie. "He is older and wiser, a rock that requires not do any time," says a source. "Angelina can be without limits by trying to help solve each and every problem. "Disagreement, however, did not damage their case. "They are fighting normal," says Jolie pal. "They do not break certainly upwards

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