Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Aniston Rivalry Caused By Media

Brad Pitt has been sneaking away about his ex wife Jennifer Aniston and the lady he is presently sleeping with, Angelina Jolie but he declares that the entire Brangelina plus Jennifer Aniston competition is nothing more than a making by the media. It's getting more hard each day to buy what Brad Pitt is selling he presently admitted he was on the hunt for Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith despite the fact that he still married to Jennifer Aniston.

However it's not his fault, or Angie's. He was asked: "Do you find it upsetting how the media still has an obsessive interest in linking Jen and Angelina?" His reply if mysterious, particularly when one regard as his latest admission.

Brad Pitt said: "It’s so manufactured. (Angie and me) don't pay attention to it. I hear that they drag my name into it. She doesn’t deserve any of this. She is the most open, loving woman you’ll ever come across. They make things up and make money off of it. I am surprised about that." Is he talking about Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?

Brad Pitt attempt to encourage every person that he is still close with Jennifer Aniston but no one purchase his interview. Us Weekly has this: "Brad Pitt may think he and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston remain pals, but Us readers know better! A whopping 91% of you rejected Pitt's claim in a recent V Magazine interview that the once-married actors share "a deep friendship" to this day."

Megan Lynn deadpans, "Perhaps Brad should have gone for something a little smaller? For future interviews we'd suggest: "Jen and I share a shallow acquaintanceship" or "a tolerable distance.'" Indeed.

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