Angelina Jolie's New Tattoo

It was announced that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt obtained the fresh tats during their Chicago stay where Angelina is stripping its new film “Wanted ”.

Angelina Jolie, that tattoos the name and the birthplace of each one of her children on his arm, can call the artist of tattooing soon still. Brad Pitt said to a press conference that the couple considered a fifth child.

Although it was not confirmed, it is said to him that an artist of tattooing of “Chicago Tattooing Company” visited the couples on the eighteenth continuation of floor of the hotel of peninsula. There the artist spent the major part of sound needlingink of time in couples.

The sexy siren of screen employed its body like fabric to be expressed throughout the last years with tattoos such as a large black cross on its left hip and the words, “Know Your Rights” below its neck. It is thought that maintaining the new piece of art and attachment for Brad Pitt is the fourteenth tattooing of Angelina Jolie. Recently, Angelina Jolie marked a permanent love and without ends for her children with a tattooing on his left arm, which comprises the geographical co-ordinates, their multicultural origins.

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