Rapper Common Befriends Angelina Jolie

Rapper Common and the actress Angelina Jolie of striker ran up to the top of a not very probable friendship on the whole of “Wanted” Chicago.

The communal ground, which was Jr. born from Lonnie Lynn, indicated that Angelina Jolie is “very friendly” on the unit and even the associate brought Brad of Pitt film to meet the cast iron, Hollywood of adolescence brought back Sunday.

Angelina Joli was the best, I must say to you. It was, like, a one of the freshest people whom I never have puts it. I felt as the manner that it encouraged to me was really hot simply and cools, and it brought the family around. I obtained to meet Brad -- everyone was fresh, the right people of the worms the low-with-ground there,” it said. “It is wise to meet somebody who is a so large superstar which is right cool thus and really there for a cause.”

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