Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Will Stay Together

Brad Pitt finally spoke outside itself to deny the rumours, which him and the ladylove Angelina Jolie are on the edge to duplicate it.

The couple was infested reports, which claim that Brad and Angelina, who met while on the sets of their “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” film, will go soon their separate manners.

However, the “Troy” hold the first role broke its silence in an interview with the mirror, and indicated to paper that him and Angelina were strong as never.

Angelin is my love, my associate and the mother of my children. We are a normal family - a mother, a father and the children,” paper quoted it, like saying.

Pitt also open to the children of the couple, and admit that he and Angelina are ready for him to make another addition with their family.

“Yes, we are ready for others,” Pitt said.

“The children are fantastic and they sometimes become undisciplined and say the funniest things, which I ever heard. Man, they are the funniest people whom I never have puts it.

“It is strange the chaos which they cause. We enter a room and a pole of hotel! It is external chaos but it is the eye of giving the attack to, also, because it is really very calm. It calms with me. ”

“The most important thing is to make sure that we cut out outside our hour for the children.

“We let us give them the time of group and time face to face, because it is of our responsibility to help to form them. Thus it is paternity and family initially, and then we slip into work.

Angelina and I try to cut out outside time for us, also, but if something obtained to disappear, it is usually this time. ”

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