Angelina Jolie Make A Promise To Brad About Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie made a solemn promise to his partner, Brad Pitt, it will arrive at his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, and try to do things. Despite declaring in an interview last year that she would like a face to face, sitting with Jen, Angelina Jolie could not bear even talk to Jen, and it was never the intention to communicate with it, in fact, the cover story claims that Star Magazine Week.

Angelina Jolie
Brad promises it will arrive at Jennifer Aniston

The story covers a vast litany of what the weekly entertainment is
Angelina Jolie
and Brad is in the content of the report, it appears that Jolie does not follow through on his vows and is Brad 's caused a lot of problems in their relationship.

The magazine then lists them out. Star noted that it is more accepting film roles-
Angelina Jolie
announced that she would take a sabbatical to help Pax adjust to her new life. That never came close to happening, she worked tirelessly despite its very public promise to be a "stay at home mother" after she was criticized for adopting another child.

The magazine notes: "She was promised a stable life for Maddox - The couple is in disagreement:" It's the idea that Brad Maddox must live in one place, "says an insider." Angie has always had this idea that it would be a child in the world. "Since its birth, eldest son Maddox has lived in 15 homes in the world. Recently, he had grown attached to her life in New York to life Waldorf Towers, until they have to go to LA so that
Angelina Jolie
could begin working on his new film, The Changeling. "He cried when it was time to leave," says an insider. "

She said she had moved to New Orleans-In January, the couple planned to make a life together in their neighborhood french at home. "When her mother died, she did not want to live there," says an insider.

It has no place with his father, Angie thought she would be able to accept Jon Voight in his life. "But the old feelings came back and she realized it was useless," says an insider Star ..

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