Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt in NYC Pad

While the old stating enters, in real estate, it is all about place, place, place.

The celebrities of jet or the politicianss of high profile in the mixture and there is another factor which is right like important: safety, safety, safety.

The turns of Waldorf of New York City, located beside the elegant hotel of Waldorf Astoria, asserts these two qualities, making him the house of the choice for the two Heads of State and the royalty of Hollywood. Its newer brought back residents: to jump king and Queen Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The post of New York reported on Tuesday that Bard Pitt and
Angelina Jolie entered an apartment in the turns, quoting anonymous sources. According to the reports, the couples also considered a residence in the center lately established Time Warner but selected Waldorf because they obtained a cut of the prices on the apartment.

The representatives for the turns of Waldorf refused to present their observations on the history of the post, to say in a reports, “
we do not present their observations on our guests in any capacity in order to respect their intimacy while remaining with us. ”

The representatives for Brad Pitt and
Angelina Jolie immediately did not return calls of telephone or E-mail messages.

But people with the current of the needs for the elite of New York City agree that the turns are a normal choice for the couples of A-list. It asserts has seek-after the postal code, fortress-like the safety and the centuries of prestige -- after residents of the turns to include President Herbert Hoover and the luggage handler of Cole of musician. Queest this that more Brad and Angie could to want?

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