Angelina Latest T.V Project

Angelina Jolie is a humanitarian, mother and movie star, other than that she's looking to take over TV.

Angelina Jolie desires to create a drama about the humanitarian aid group Doctors Without Borders, according to US Weekly magazine.

A source informs the magazine, "They're hoping to sell it to HBO."

A MSF spokesperson declares that, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been supporters of ours for a long time. They have been meeting with us to learn more about our work. And they have been meeting with other people about a possible project.”

The mother of four has previously donated $1 million to the association that delivers emergency aid in more than 70 countries.

And while Angelina Jolie is trying to create the world an enhanced place, her partner Brad Pitt has finally come to terms with his religious beliefs after years of questioning his belief.

The actor was raised a traditional Southern Baptist and often struggled with the strict religion.

He told Parade magazine, “I’d go to Christian revivals and be moved by the Holy Spirit, and I'd go to rock concerts and feel the same fervor. Then I'd be told, 'That's the Devil's music! Don't partake in that!”

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