Angelina Jolie Has A Sexiest Walk On Earth

Who is with the sexiest walk in the world? Nope, not Jessica Alba, The Jawa Report's special correspondent, delegated to UN, and official mascot Angelina Jolie. You cannot discuss against science. I want to say, there are numbers and equations and all the kinds of doo-dads of imagination!

And how the challenge they try to fix a scientific experiment. One which definitively, frankly, empirically, and with the certainty epistemological shows that Angelina is hot. And I want to say the smoking.

Video is it below what we call an anecdote. It is not science but it is enough proof for me.

I could not find comparing Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba, but it is Angelina against Liv Tyler. Negative side it has a sound track of Justin Timberlake. Positive side it has Angelina Jolie and Liv Tyler! The turn right the noise with far and appreciate. SFW unless you are in Saudi Arabia.

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